Essential Email Phrases for Business in English

Here is a guide for the most essential phrases for writing formal, neutral and informal business emails in English. Please note that other posts go into more detail on specific areas of emailing.


Essential Email Phrases

Greetings (Individuals)Greetings (Groups)
V = verb

I = informal style
N = neutral style
F = formal style

UK = common usage in the United Kingdom

USA = common usage in the United States of America/Canada

Aus = common usage in Australia/New Zealand
Dear first name, (F)

Hello first name, (N)

Hi first name (I)
Dear all, (F)

Dear colleagues/coworkers, (F)

Hi everyone (I)
Referring to Previous ContactSmall Talk (I)
Further to our conversation of 25 August,... (F)

Thank you for your letter of 12 June. (N&F)

It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference last week,... (N&F)

With reference to invoice 26735,... (N&F)

Thanks for the information you sent me. (I)
I hope you are well. (N)

How are things? (I)

How was your trip to New York? (I&N)

Stating the PurposeMaking Requests
I am writing regarding/concerning + noun (F)

I am writing about + noun (I&N)

I am writing to + V (e.g. inform you about/enquire about/request...) (N&F)

I'm writing to + V (I&N)

I would like to + V... (N&F)

I'd like to + V... (I&N)

I would be grateful if you could + V... (N&F)

I would appreciate it if you could + V... (N&F)

I was wondering if you could + V... (N&F)

Could you please + V... (I&N&F)
Referring to AttachmentsOrganising Meetings
I have attached... (N&F)

I've attached...(I&N)

Attached you will find... (N&F)

Attached you'll find... (I&N)

...the attached 'file'...

..."file" is/are attached.
Would 3PM on Wednesday the 24th of January be convenient to you? (F)

Would 3pm on Wednesday 25 January be convenient for you? (N&F)

Would Wednesday 25 January at 3pm suit you? (N)

How is Wed. 25 Jan. at 3pm for you? (I&N)

How about Wed. 25 Jan at 3pm? (I)
Promising ActionPositive Close
I will + V... (N&F)

I'll + V (I)
I look forward to seeing you. (F)

I look forward to your reply. (F)

I look forward to hearing from you. (F)

I am looking forward to hearing from you. (N)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. (I&N)
Closing (future) small talk (I)Sign Off
Good luck at the conference.

See you tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.
Kind regards, (F - UK, Aus)

Best regards, (F - USA)

Regards, (N)

See you soon. (I)

Cheers (UK, Aus)
The most important phrases you need for writing formal, neutral or informal business emails in English.